Implementing the WIPO Development Agenda:
Comparing National Approaches to Policy Coherence
between Public Policy Objectives and IP Laws

World Intellectual Property Organisation Salle B, 13.15 - 14.45
Geneva, Switzerland, 14 June 2007

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The progress of international discussions on the WIPO Development Agenda bodes well for greater responsiveness of the international IP system to the varying circumstances and needs of developing countries. Alongside the advance of the WIPO Development Agenda discussions, recent research highlights the challenges countries face at the national and regional level in realising a development-oriented approach to IP policymaking.

A growing body of research that highlights, for example, the importance of policy coordination within national governments to ensure that IP policies and laws are designed and implemented in ways that support development goals - particularly in the areas of innovation, public health, education and technological development. In addition, recent research suggests the need for more critical consideration of the role of national IP offices in domestic IP policymaking processes, both in terms of their role in guiding the implementation of international agreements - and also as the primary national interlocutors with WIPO and as the core recipients of IP-related technical advice and capacity building.

The purpose of this roundtable is to explore how governments approach the process of IP policy-making and to explore options for IP decision-making processes that reflect and incorporate national public policy and development objectives. Drawing on experiences from both developed and developing countries, the speakers will explore lessons-learned about the relationships between national IP offices, other national ministries and stakeholders in crafting and implementing national IP policies and laws. It will seek to draw out implications of these practices for the implementation of development-oriented IP laws and policies at the national and regional levels - and also for the interaction between WIPO and governments in developing countries.


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