Implementing the WIPO Development Agenda:
Comparing National Approaches to Policy Coherence
between Public Policy Objectives and IP Laws

World Intellectual Property Organisation Salle B, 13.15 - 14.45
Geneva, Switzerland, 14 June 2007

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1. Thiru Balasubramaniam, Knowledge Ecology International
2. Carolina Belmar, Chilean Ministry of Foreign Affairs
3. Furaha Charles, Permanent Mission of Rwanda
4. Margaret Chon, Seattle University
5. Fleur Claessans, ICTSD
6. Alan Daltri, WIPO
7. Carolyn Deere, University of Oxford and ICTSD
8. Marcelo Di Pietro, WIPO
9. Octavio Espinosa, WIPO
10. Esteban Falconi, Centre for International Environmental Law
11. Tove Gerhardsen, IP-Watch
12. Shandana Gulzar, Permanent Mission of Pakistan to the WTO
13. Teresa Hackett, Electronic Information for Libraries
14. Steffen Hagen, European Law Students' Association
15. Anika Halterhof, European Law Students' Association
16. Jonathon Hill, Centre for International Environmental Law
17. Gwen Hinze, Electronic Frontier Foundation
18. Ivan Hjertman, International Chamber of Commerce
19. Amy Hsieh, Duke University/ NYU Wagner
20. Myrna Huggins, Permanent Mission of Trinidad and Tobago
21. Konstantinos Karachalios, European Patent Office
22. Eddan Katz, Yale Information Society Project
23. Thiago Luchesi, Institute of International Trade and Development (IDCID)
24. Mohi el din Mabrouk, African Intellectual Property Office (ARIPO)
25. Ahmad Mukhtar, Permanent Mission of Pakistan to the WTO
26. Benoit Muller, Business Software Alliance
27. Sisule Musungu, University of Berne
28. William New, IP-Watch
29. Kexian Ng, European Law Students' Association
30. Pedro Paranguá, FGV Brasil
31. Eliot Pence, Yale Information Society Project
32. Palayathan Pravir, IP-Watch
33. R.C. Reief, European Law Students' Association
34. Pedro Roffe, ICTSD
35. Catherine Saez, IP-Watch
36. Miriam Sahlfeld, University of Lucerne
37. Paul Sciarone, WIPO
38. Dalindyebo Shabalala, Centre for International Environmental Law
39. Wayne Shinya, Department of Canadian Heritage
40. Christoph Spennemann, UNCTAD
41. Barbara Stratton, International Federation of Library Associations
42. Nico Tyabji, ICTSD
43. Frank van der Zwan, Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs
44. Gina Vea, ICTSD
45. Johannes Werner, Austrian Patent Office

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