Fostering R&D and Promoting Access to Medicines

An ICTSD Dialogue
Bellagio, Lake Como, Italy
22-26 October 2007

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Official ICTSD submission to the WHO Intergovernmental Working Group (IGWG) on Public Health, Innovation and Intellectual Property, 8 November 2007

Fostering R&D and Promoting Access to Medicines Meeting Report


John Barton, Achieving Both Access and Research: A Sector Agreement in Pharmaceuticals

Peter Brown, Expanding the Public Healthcare Architecture to help meet MDG: Proposals for the Long Term Funding and Management of a Pipeline of Essential Medicines through Development and Distribution

Pablo Marion Challu, Patents Without Monopolies

Carlos Correa, Fostering R&D and Promoting Access to Medicines

Aidan Hollis, Prize, Advanced Market Commitments, and Pharmaceuticals for Developing Countries

Warren Kaplan, Operationalising Patent Pools for ARVs

Klaus M. Leisinger, The Right to Health: What Corporate Duties?

James Love, The role of prizes in stimulating R&D: Comment to WHO IGWG

Manon Ress, IGWG Submission on Collective Management of Intellectual Property – The Use of Patent Pools to Expand Access to Needed Medical Technologies



Shaidah Asmall, Exploring New Paradigms for Health R&D

Peter Brown, Funding the Development and Distribution of Medicines, Vaccines and Diagnostics for Developing and Emerging Economies

Aidan Hollis, Patents, Prizes, AMCs and CAMCs

Warren Kaplan, 'Operationalizing' an ARV/FDC Patent Pool

James Love, Global Treaty on Medical R&D

Pedro Roffe, TRIPS Flexibilities

Ellen 't Hoen, Fostering R&D and Promoting Access Medicines (for all)


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