Implementing Intellectual Property Rights under a Development Perspective

Presentation of the UNCTAD-ICTSD Resource Book on TRIPS and Development


Organized at the International Environment House MIE II, Rooms Rhin and Aare
Geneva, Switzerland, 7 April 2005

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Frederick Abbott, Professor, Florida State University College of Law
Christophe Bellmann, ICTSD
Johannes Bernabe, Permanent Mission of The Philippines to the WTO
Carlos Correa, Professor, Universidad de Buenos Aires / South Centre
Carolyn Deere, Intellectual Property Watch
Ragui El-Etreby Permanent Mission of Egypt
Carlos Fortin, Officer-in-Charge, UNCTAD
Hekmatollah Ghorbani, Permanent Mission of Iran
Khalil Hamdani, UNCTAD
Myrna Huggins, Permanent Mission of Trinidad and Tobago
Alejandro Jara, Permanent Mission of Chile
Atul Kaushnik, Permanent Mission of India
James Lankford, QUND
Bernice Lee, ICTSD
Jean-Cristophe Maur, DFID UK
Cameron Mckay, Permanent Mission of Canada
Giselle de Meléndez, University of Geneva
Ricardo Meléndez-Ortiz, Executive Director, ICTSD
Sisule Musungu, South Centre
Angelica Navarro, Permanent Mission of Bolivia
Alejandro Neyra, Permanent Mission of Peru
Maria Julia Oliva, CIEL
Adrian Otten, Director, Intellectual Property Division, WTO
Davinia Ovett, 3D
Guilherme Patriota, Permanent Mission of Brazil to the UN
Pedro Roffe, Project Director, ICTSD
Maximiliano Santa Cruz, Permanent Mission of Chile to the WTO
Dayaratna Silva, Permanent Mission, of Sri Lanka
David Vivas, ICTSD
Martin Watson, QUND


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