Current Trends in Intellectual Property Policy and Public Health

Egypt National Dialogue, organised by ICTSD, CSDC and UNCTAD
Cairo, 29 June 2005

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9:30 - 10:00

10:00 - 10:30
Opening Session

Dr. Kamal El Menoufi - Dean of the Faculty
Pedro Roffe -ICTSD Representative
Christoph Spennemann - UNCTAD Representative
Dr. Ahmed Abdul Wanis - The Director of the Center - Faculty of Economics and Political Science
Dr. Ola El Khawaga - Workshop Coordinator - Deputy Director

10:30- 12:00
First Session: New Trends in Intellectual Property Rights

Moderator: Dr. Ali Al-Ghateet - Professor of International and Comparative Law-International Arbitrator
Speakers: Counsellor / Amr Ramadan - Director, Division of International Economic relations - Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Pedro Roffe - ICTSD Senior Fellow - IPRs and Sustainable Development
Prof. Hossam Lotfy - Professor of Civil Law, Faculty of Law- Bani Suwef University

12:00- 12:30
Coffee Break

12:30- 2:30
Second Session: IPRs and Public Health

Moderator: Dr. Ra'fat Raddwan - Chairman of Intellectual Property Rights Center
Speakers: Dr. Mohamed Galal Ghorab - Chairman of Industrial Chamber of Pharmaceutics
Dr. Mohamed Ra'ouf Hamed - Professor of Pharmacology -National Medicine Agency for Censorship and Medicine Research
Dr. Mohamed Al- Dawey - Emeritus Professor & Founding Dean, Faculty of Pharmacy, Tanta University
Mr. Hilmy Al -Rawi - Attorney in the Health and Human Rights Program
Dr. Noha Al -Zeiny - Chairman for the Right of Medicine Association

2:30- 3:00
Closing Session

3:00- 4:00

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