Stimulating Innovation in Developing Countries: the role of Utility Models

Geneva, Switzerland, 3 March 2006.

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1. A.M. Colandrea, Holy See

2. Amore Bekele, UNCTAD

3.Anbertta Cablio, UNCTAD

4. Anne Christine Charon, UNCTAD

5. Bertam Boie, UNCTAD

6.Carlos Correa, University of Buenos Aires

7. Carsten Fink, World Bank

8.Christoph Spenneman, UNCTAD

9. David Vivas, ICTSD

10. Dong Wu, UNCTAD

11. Elo Laurent, UNCTAD

12. Glenda Napier, UNCTAD

13. Hekmut G, Permanent Mission of Iran

14. J.Mund, Permanent Mission of Pakistan

15. J.Park, Permanent Mission of Republic of Korea

16. Johanna Von Braun, ICTSD

17.John Sarnoff, Washington College of Law

18. Juan. H., IP interface.

19. Kiyoshi Adachi, UNCTAD

20. Laura Clemmer, William Blanc and Co.

21. Maigari Buba, Permanent Mission of Nigeria

22. Myrna Higgins, Permanent Mission of Trininad and Tobago

23. Oliver Slocock, European Commission

24. Palesa Tlhapi, CIEL

25. Paolo Befani, Independant Consultant

26.Pierre Oliviere, UK Patent Office

27.Preeti Ramdai, ICTSD

28. Rosa Castro, Bologna University.

29. Santanu Mukherjee, Independant Consultant

30. Simon Qobo, Permanent Mission of South Africa

31. T. Wasescha, WTO

32. William. N., IP-Watch

33. Uma Suthersanen, Queenmary, University of London

34. Y. Nafissi Azar, UNCTAD

35. Y. Lenevich, Permanent Mission of Russia


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