Developing a Methodology to Assess the Impact of TRIPS-Plus Provisions Affecting Drug Prices

WHO, World Bank Institute and ICTSD
Geneva, Switzerland, 31 July-1 August- 2006.

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Place: International Environmental House II,Geneva

Monday-Tuesday 8:30- 18:30


Summary of the Main Points Made at the Workshop, Provided by the Organisers

Literature Survey- Estimating the Price Impact of Reduced Generic Competition by Keith Maskus

Possible Impact of US-Peru FTA on Access to Medicines due to Data Exclusivity Protection for Drugs by Juan Pichihua

Development of a Model to Assess the Impact of Changes in IPRs by Joan Rovira

A Framework for Assessing the Costs and Benefits to Developing Countries of TRIPS-Plus Rules in Trade Agreements by Dean Baker

Tightening TRIPS: The Intellectual Property Provisions of Recent US Free Trade Agreements by Carsten Fink

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