Recent International Developments in Access and Benefit Sharing Regulatory Frameworks

ICTSD and CIEL Side event- WIPO Intergovernmental Committee on Intellectual Property and Genetic Resources, Traditional Knowledge and Folklore
Geneva, Switzerland, 06 December 2006

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2. Mr. BHATTI Shakeel, WIPO

3. Mr. BOZZI Pierluigi, University of Rome and Ministry of Environment of Italy

4. CHIRIAP Esta Marco, Tsentsak Survival Foundation

5. Mr. DJIAGDE Tsafack, JAADI

6. FALL Cheikh Alassane, CORAF/ WECARD

7. Ms, FORTES, Maria H.Paim, INPI- Institutional PI

8. Mr. HETANANG Rhee, Permanent Mission of Botswana to UN

9. KAVIN Kann

10. Ms. LI Xuan, World Trade Institute

11. Ms. MBENGASHE Maria, Department of Environment Tourism

12. Ms. ARIBELA Marcia Delima, South Centre

13. Mr. NEW William, IP-watch

14. Mr. NEYRA Alejandro, Permanent Mission of Peru

15. Ms. NJOGU Emma, Office of the Attorney General, Kenya

16. Ms. NORMAND Valerie, CBD

17. Ms. SUNILA Sami, Ministry of Trade, Finland

18. Mr. OGIERIAKHI, West Africa Coalition for Indigenous Peoples Rights

19. Mr. PATRIOTA Gulherme, Permanent Mission of Brazil

20. Mr. PERIA ELPIDIO, Third World Network

21. Ms. RAMDASI Preeti, ICTSD

22. RASDI Wangsa

23. Ms. REICHEL Elizabeth

24. Mr. SANDVIK Jostein, Norwegian Patent Office

25. SEGMOUK Sezaneh

26. Ms. SOUZA Maria Carolina, Foreign Affairs, Brazil

27. Mr. STANNARD Clive, FAO

28. Ms. TLHAPI Palesa, CIEL

29. Mr. TORRES Nicolas, Permanent Mission of Colombia to the WTO

30. Ms. VEA Gina, ICTSD

31. Ms. WEINS Sandra, QUNO

32. Mr. ZAFAR David, QUNO






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